Technical Services

Start-to-End Servicing

Our world class technologies and products are partnered with our complete technical service packages for guaranteed quality and consistent results.

After-sales Technical Servicing

Our technical team conducts regular quality control tests in order to maintain top-notch pre-treatment line control standards. This ensures quality performance and results for our clients.

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Pre-treatment Line Design & Assessment

We offer engineering consulting services to assess the most suitable pre-treatment equipment and process for your needs, whether you are just starting up or overhauling your line.

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PARKER IONICS Product Support

Philippine Parkerizing provides troubleshooting, training seminars and maintenance support for all PARKER IONICS powder coating equipment and related technologies.

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After-sales Technical Service

We at Philippine Parkerizing Inc. offer our after-sales technical expertise to assist our clients in the handling, usage and maintenance of our pre-treatment chemical products. Each of our clients have assigned technical staff to conduct regular line checking of chemical baths, to propose any recommendations for quality improvements, and to provide professional troubleshooting support.

Our technical team conducts pre-treatment line simulations for both dipping and spray lines to evaluate the performance & effectiveness of our client’s pre-treatment process. Our after-sales service can be divided into 3 main parts:

Pre-treatment Chemical Checking
  • Regular line sample titration
  • Chemical contamination checking
  • Oil and surfactant content checking
  • Sludge content inspection
  • Pre-treatment line parameters calibration – temperature, circulation, and spray pressure
  • Phosphating component analysis
Pre-treatment Coating Evaluation
  • Coating weight analysis via chemical stripping
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis
Complete Line Evaluation
  • Adhesion testing
  • Salt-spray testing (SST)

Process Line Engineering Consulting & Design

For new or existing clients who are planning to set up a new production or pretreatment line, we are able to leverage our engineering expertise and experience to offer a turn-key solution for pretreatment process line design, starting from information gathering, design, fabrication, and finally, to installation. We will advise what steps, solutions or services would best suit our client’s requirements within our client’s resources.

Step 1 – Initial assessment

Our local team will conduct an in-depth interview to touch base with our client and come up with an initial assessment of our client’s requirements based on not only their current needs, but possibly any future developments they may want down the line.

Step 2 – Design phase

After we determine our client’s requirements and come up with an initial process line design, we closely coordinate with our Japanese engineering counterparts for their input. The proposal will suggest the most efficient solution, both economically and technically, from process line arrangement, chemical conversion products, and equipment needed for operation.

Step 3 – Fabrication & installation

Once the proposed design is accepted, Philippine Parkerizing Inc. will facilitate the fabrication of any equipment needed by our local manufacturing partners, and will take care of the on-site installation at our client’s location.

PARKER IONICS Product Support

As the exclusive distributor of PARKER IONICS branded powder coating equipment, Philippine Parkerizing Inc. offers the full suite of parts and services for any PARKER IONICS powder coating equipment, including:

  • Initial product training program
  • Product troubleshooting and technical support
  • Spare or replacement part supply
  • Powder coating application and maintenance seminars