Compact Multi-color Powder Coating Booth (C-MCB)


Using the booth divide function, the Compact Multi-color Powder Coating Booth (C-MCB) is optimal for lines which require frequent color changes on a par with solvent paints. The coating process is only interrupted for one minute, and with a realized line operation ratio of 96%.


  • Low overspray powder adherence to special plastic booth walls – easy manual blow-offs for cleaning
  • Less downtime through quicker color changes via powder tank swapping and simple air blow cleaning
  • Multi-Box Feed (MBF) for multiple color powder feeder with automatic internal cleaning jet nozzle
  • One-touch automatic cleaning operation for full line-purging
  • Dust collector and powder reclaim cyclone system with over 95% efficiency, and powder refeed straight to powder tank
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C-MCB ModelS-A2M1M-A2M1L-A2M1
Maximum Paintable Product Size1000mm X 500mm1500mm X 750mm2000mm X 1000mm
Powder Feed Injectors468
Powder Recovery Cyclone Capacity150 cu.m/min200 cu.m/min330 cu.m/min
Dust Collector Capacity200 cu.m/min250 cu.m/min360 cu.m/min