Kanigen® Electroless Nickel Plating

KANIGEN® – Uniform & durable surface treatment, guaranteed

No electricity, and no edge effects

Electroless nickel plating is the autocatalytic formation of a nickel-phosphorous alloy on a substrate surface. The chemical reaction occurs on the substrate surface when immersed into a electroless aqueous solution, imparting increased corrosion resistance, durability, and other desirable physical and chemical properties.

KANIGEN® electroless nickel plating applies a completely uniform coating to your parts and equipment, with no edge effects, maintaining your tight tolerances and precision in contrast to highly variable electrolytic processes.

Find the solution tailored to your process

KANIGEN® electroless nickel plating can be applied on a variety of substrates, including iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum. Our large variety of KANIGEN® electroless nickel plating solutions will meet the diverse surface enhancements desired for any application.

CoatingImparted PropertiesCommon Applications
Kanigen®Nickel-Phosphorous alloyAnti-corrosion, high hardnessPistons, anchor-pins, power-steering parts
Kaniboron®Nickel-Phosphorous-Boron alloyHigh heat & impact resistance, self-lubricatingTransportation components, compressors, pistons
Kaniblack®Black Nickel-Phosphorous alloyLow reflectiveness, light absorption, and heat radiationOptical components, OA device parts
Kaniflon®Nickel-Phosphorous alloy with PTFE particlesSelf-lubricating, water sheddingClutch parts, shafts, transportation components
Ceramic Kanigen®Nickel-Phosphorous alloy with ceramic componentsExcellent abrasion & high heat resistance, high hardnessCasings, liners, cylinders

Reach out if you are unsure about which KANIGEN® solution is suitable for your surface and process.

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