Surface Conditioners

PREPALENE®– Accelerates and enhances the chemical conversion reaction for improved corrosion resistance

Finer crystals and quicker reaction times

Surface conditioners are applied onto steel, galvanized, or aluminum alloy substrates to further intensify chemical conversion, resulting in increased corrosion resistance and surface adhesion.

PREPALENE® surface conditioners efficiently accomplishes this by accelerating the ensuing chemical conversion reaction and producing finer crystals, all while reducing the conversion chemical used in the process.

Find the solution tailored to your process

PREPALENE® surface conditioners come in both powder and liquid forms, providing different utility to different processes.

  • PREPALENE® Powder Type – single component, titanium based powder with easy maintenance via simple pH checking
  • PREPALENE® Liquid Type – convenient handling and usage with longer bath life

Reach out if you are unsure about which PREPALENE® surface conditioner is suitable for your surface and process.

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