Non-chrome Conversion Chemicals

PALCOAT® – The next generation chemical conversion coating solution

Eco-friendly corrosion protection – simplified

PALCOAT® chemical conversion is a eco-friendly zirconium-based non-chrome conversion process with reduced heavy metal content and sludge generation. When compared to conventional phosphate conversion, sludge is drastically reduced by 90%, simplifying waste and wastewater management.

Additionally, with PALCOAT®, surface conditioning becomes an optional step, which means a shorter pre-treatment line and reduced chemical and wastewater costs – all while maintaining excellent corrosion resistance.

Find the solution tailored to your process

PALCOAT® can be used through spray or dipping applications, and can be applied onto any ferrous, aluminum, or galvanized substrate. Whatever your process is, we’ll have a suitable solution that checks all the marks.

Reach out if you are unsure about which PALCOAT® conversion chemical is suitable for your surface and process.

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