Degreasers & Cleaners

FINE CLEANER® – The ideal industrial cleaning degreaser for all substrates and surfaces

Surface cleaning is the foundation for all steps that follow

Degreasing is an essential first step to ensure that the substrate is free from oil, dirt, iron fines, or any other foreign substances. These contaminations reduce the effectiveness of all surface treatment steps that follow surface cleaning, and thus has a direct impact on product quality.

For maximum product performance, FINE CLEANER® degreasers ensure a residue-free and highly wettable surface through its industrial strength cleaning formulation.

Find the degreaser tailored to your process

Surfaces come in all shapes, sizes, material and are all processed differently. Similarly, the surface cleaning step must adjust to your process as well.

FINE CLEANER® degreasers can be used through spray or dipping applications, be used in either elevated or room temperatures, or come in powder or liquid forms. Whatever your process is, we’ll have a suitable degreaser that checks all the marks.

Reach out if you are unsure about which FINE CLEANER® degreaser is suitable for your surface and process.

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