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Metal Pretreatment Chemicals

Metal pretreatment chemicals lay the important groundwork for all steps that follow. These chemicals clean the substrate, remove corrosion, chemically condition the surface, and form a protective layer on the substrate.

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Auxiliary Functional Chemicals

Functional chemicals endow your products with crucial characteristics specific to their use cases. Examples include rust-preventive oils and waxes, hydrophilic coatings, and electroless nickel plating solutions.

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Metal Pretreatment Chemicals

The Pretreatment Process


Substrate surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned for the formation of a high quality pretreatment coating. Properly removing any oil, dirt, or existing rust is critical for uniform coating coverage, thickness, and proper adhesion.


The substrate surface is washed with a surface conditioner to accelerate the conversion reaction. This creates finer crystals during the chemical conversion step, forming a more uniform and effective protective layer.


Conversion coating chemicals react with the substrate surface to create a continuous, anti-corrosive layer. The resulting protective layer inhibits rust formation, and also increases adhesion to subsequent painting.

Auxiliary Functional Chemicals

Electroless Nickel Plating

Miscellaneous Functions