Rust Preventive Oils & Waxes

NOX RUST® – High performance rust preventive oils and waxes for all product lifecycle stages

Proven corrosion inhibiting performance

NOX RUST® rust preventive oils and waxes prevent rust formation on exposed and unpainted metals or moisture-occupying cavities for every processing stage, be it during manufacturing, usage, storage, or transport.

Available as either an oil or a wax, NOX RUST® solutions are easily applied onto metal surfaces, and can be easily removed through alkali degreasing.

Find the solution tailored to your process

NOX RUST® oils are often used for seasonal or extended storage, or long-distance export shipment and transportation. Variations are categorized according to the required length of time in storage or transport, with options for short term (1-2 days), middle term (1-2 weeks), or long term (3-6 months) solutions.

NOX RUST® waxes are suitable for hard-to-reach areas where primer application is difficult, such as box sections, inner door cavities, side sills, cross members, and hinges. NOX RUST® waxes can be sprayed at either room temperature or hot process systems, and involves no dripping and minimal sagging.

Whatever the application, we are confident we’ll have a suitable NOX RUST® product that fits your requirements. Reach out if you are unsure about which NOX RUST® is suitable for your surface and process.

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