Manganese and Iron Phosphate Coating

PALFOS    (Iron-Phosphate Coating)

  • a chemical formulated for spray application on steel surfaces. The treatment converts the metal surfaces to non-metallic iron-phosphate coating which inhibits corrosion and increases paint adhesion or durability of paint finishes.


The complete process for Iron-Phosphate coating normally consist of the following steps:


PALFOS M1A (Manganese-Phosphate coating)


  • a chemical formulated for producing on bearing surfaces of iron and steel a non-metallic, oil-absorptive coating that consists chiefly of iron and manganese phosphates. This corrosion-resistant coating reduces wear on such articles on engine pistons, rings, liners, camshafts, tappets, motor blocks and similar bearing surfaces.
  • The beneficial effects of the treatment may be summarized as follows:
    1. Permits rapid break-in of moving parts without scuffing or welding by preventing metal to metal contact between bearing surfaces
    2. Increases lubrication of treated surfaces due to the oil-absorptive coating
    3. Removes light metal scratches remaining from machining operations
    4. Retards corrosion


The complete process of Manganese-phosphate coating using PALFOS M1A normally consists of the following steps:

( 1 ) Cleaning

( 2 ) Hot Water Rinsing

( 3 ) Surface Conditioning with PREPALENE VM

( PREPALENE VM promotes the formation of finely crystalline coatings)

( 4 ) Treatment with PALFOS M1A solution

( 5 ) Water Rinsing

( 6 ) Drying ( N/A if soluble  oil to be applied)

( 7 ) Oil finishing (Parkerizing has a several type of rust preventive “NOXRUST” oil that can be applied on this process)