Rust Preventive Oils

As our long history in degreasing chemical and pretreatment specialist, Parkerizing group has developed high performance products for rust prevention in term of oil called NOX RUST.

2-1 rust preventive oils

The NOX RUST will never cause hard to be removed by alkali degreasing, in pretreatment process.
NOX RUST is divided into 3 types by its application.

  • Wax Base Type
  • Solvent Base Type
    • is standard quality used in industry. Can be selected to be apply as short term (1-2 days), middle term (1-2 weeks) or long term (3-6 months) prevention
    • is suitable for under body or door inner application. Product meets each OEM specification. Spray at room temperature or hot system is applicable.
  • Water Base Type
    • where water is used as solvent, inflammable, good rust preventive property.
    • products meet each Thai and International automobile OEM.