Since 1996  Philippine  Parkerizing,  Inc.  is  in  the  business  of  providing  metal  treatment  chemicals  and  related technical  processes  necessary  to  minimize the  limitations  inherent  in  the  metal  materials.  Although  our  surface treatment technology is at the leading edge of scientific knowledge, the benefits and uses of our advanced technology can  be  found  in  a  diverse  range  of  common  everyday  products.  Examples  of  products  whose  durability,  appearance and functionality  are  enhanced  with  our  technology  include  household electrical  appliances,  consumer  electronics, construction  materials,  automobiles, furniture,  etc. Our  treatment processes include  metal  surface  cleaning,  rust prevention, paint base coating and lubricating methods for a diverse range of modern industries.

Philippine Parkerizing, Inc.  is a  joint  venture  partnership  between  Nihon  Parkerizing  Inc.  &  Diversys  Spectrum Products  Inc.  Since  1928  it  has  been  on  the leading  edge  of  phosphating  as  a  company  specializing  in  metal  surface treatment, Nihon Parkerizing have accumulated an abundance of high-technology and know-how. In order to meet the variety  of  needs  of  customers,  Nihon  Parkerizing  will continue  to make  research  and development  effort  for Surface modification technology and share this with all its affiliated companies.

We also offering equipment design, fabrication, installation and maintenance through close coordination with Parker Engineering Co., Ltd. of Japan as well as dependable local engineering companies.

Our company is also ISO  9001:2008  and  ISO  14001:2004.  The  commitment  to  quality  and environment  shown  by  these  certifications  will  help  to  continue to provide  superior  products  and  services  to  our valued customers.